Christmas Mini Sessions - York, Pennsylvania

On Saturday, November 5th, 2016, a goal I had set toward the beginning of 2016 came to be!  I collaborated with Megan, owner of Root to Bloom Florals, to put on the first annual Christmas Mini Sessions by Athena Marie Photography in York, Pennsylvania.

I pitched the idea to Megan back in the springtime, and we met to begin discussing details all the way back in June 2016.  Between that time and early November, Megan went to work doing what she does best - design and florals!!  I was so grateful for her assistance, as I am definitely NOT a designer or a florist, and she does such incredible work!

Fast forward to November, and we met early on a crisp fall morning to put together a couple of set ups she designed - one being a Whimsical Birch *wintery, woodsy, white* theme, the other being a Gold & Plaid *cozy, comfy, classy* theme.

My sister and her family was the first to participate, as she would be helping me the rest of the day.  I just can't get over how cute my little nephew is!!

Another family travelled an hour (plus??) to have their photos taken.  I know the mama from university, but hadn't ever met her adorable little boys, who also happened to be little angels for the photo sessions!  They braved some pretty chilly morning air, so there was lots of snuggling!!

I knew from the start that I'd be photographing this fam jam, as the mama is the owner of Root to Bloom and the one responsible for the decor.  Aren't they just the sweetest together?!?

I was so excited to have a chance to photograph this family, too!  According to the parents, their little daughter was more stoic than usual, but she still photographed really well and obviously is super cute!!  Also, I was delighted to find out that these two are planning for a new addition in several months, so we took a couple of maternity style photos, as well!

I was incredibly excited to photograph this next family!!  I went to middle school with the mama, and probably haven't really seen her but maybe once or twice since?!?  She was the sweetest person in middle school and still is!  And now she's married to a kind man and has two adorable children!  I just LOVED catching up with her and learning more about what she's been up to in the past years!!  She also travelled pretty far for photos - I'm remembering maybe about an hour?  Such an honour to have them participate!

Introducing... one of my besties!  She decided to participate in Christmas Minis with her boyfriend at the time, who she is now going to marry in less than a year!!  She's someone who has supported the crazy things I decide to do since we became friends in high school, and it was super special to get her in front of my camera for the first time!  P.S.  The last photo in this series is my FAVOURITE of them!!

Man, these sessions were like a blast from my past, and I just LOVED it!  It meant so much to know that people who I've met all throughout life have kept up with my humble little photography journey and trust me enough to capture some moments for their families!  This mama and I go back to elementary school when we were childhood friends and neighbours.  Now she's married a guy from high school and they have a fun little boy who is so full of life and energy!!  Again, so incredible to have this little family (including their pup!) participate in Christmas Minis!

I've photographed this fam jam previously, but this was the first time I got to meet their newest addition!!  I loved the fun, candid, lifestyle type images we got during the minutes we had together (ESPECIALLY the one of their daughter running off with the Christmas balls... haha!)!!

Photographing this family took me back to my university days, as I went to school with this couple.  In the past, I'd see them every once in a while, as the father was my dentist when I lived in York (I highly recommend their family practice!), and the mama worked in the dental office for a bit.  It was great to catch up and to meet their kiddos for the first time ever.  Excited for what the future holds for this brilliant and fun family!!

The last family of the day also travelled a bit to come for Christmas Minis, and I was so glad they did!  I also attended university with the parents, singing in the travelling choir with the mama and sharing an apartment with her one semester!  Their kids are awesome, and it was so neat to actually spend a little bit of time with them at the end of the day!!

Wow, this ended up being quite a long blog post, but overall, I was soooooo excited for each family that valued my photography enough to come out to participate!!  It was seriously such an honour to photograph each one of them and meet their children and fur babies!

To those of you who participated - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Athena Marie