Amelia Claire

Let me introduce you to the newest little babe that I had the opportunity to photograph!  I met little Amelia Claire when she was just 4 days new, and I loved both photographing her and holding her (there's seriously nothing like holding a newborn, which is a big part of the reason I love what I do!!!).

Amelia's parents are pretty cool, and I think she's a lucky little lady to have them.  I met her mom when I was interviewing at the local hospital for the full-time job I now work, and I met her dad through playing volleyball at the Rec Centre.  More regularly, I enjoy playing volleyball weekly with both of Amelia's parents, made much more fun by the fact that Amelia also comes to volleyball (and has already attended with her parents three or four different times!)!!

I am still quite impressed with Amelia's mama, as she stayed really active the entire time she was pregnant.  Before she was born, Amelia had traversed many, many miles on snowshoes and cross country skis with her furry siblings.  And she joined her mother on the volleyball court through much of the pregnancy, which I found to be awesome and think was such a healthy start for both mama and babe!

Amelia is the couple's first child (well, besides the fur children and the feather child?!?), and they knew they wanted to have some photographs taken with their little bundle of cuteness, so we did a lifestyle session in the comfort of their home.  Amelia did so well, and is super adorable, as you can see!!

A friend of the couple's made them this adorable little duck blanket, which definitely had to make an appearance for the session!  Isn't it amazing?!?

And, I'm sooooooo excited to finally have a beaver pelt to use for some newborn shots, thanks to a coworker, whose dad is a trapper, and a friend, whose sewing skills helped to make it photo-worthy.  I loved using it for the first time with Amelia's sleeping pictures!!

This next photograph is not for the groggy or lacking of sleep... it is bound to make you yawn, for sure (at least it gets me EVERY TIME!)!!  But there's something about yawning babies that's just oh so cute, eh??

Aren't they such a lovely family??  I'm so excited for them and cannot wait till little Amelia grows up to be a volleyball all-star!  ;)

Thanks, guys, for inviting me to be a part of your baby girl's first few days... I absolutely loved it!