William Thomas

This session was pretty special for me because I got to photograph the family (and newborn!) of a good friend who is a definite part of the reason I got into photography in the first place!!

Claudia & I went to high school together and both dabbled in photography at the time, just taking pictures because it was fun (and because we had access to our parents' old school film SLRs!)!!  We didn't really know much about what we were doing, but photography was definitely something in which happily we both took an interest.

Fast forward... (ahem) LOTS... of years, and we ended up going to different colleges, living in different states, and now even residing in totally different countries.  Today I'm a photographer in Ontario, and Claudia officially has begun her own photography business in Maryland (check out her work at www.claudiamorrissey.weebly.com and book her if you're looking for a maternity, newborn, or family photographer in the area)!!

It was so fun getting to work with a fellow photographer and long time friend (not to mention getting to meet her brand new baby boy!).

Enjoy some of my favourites from this session...

Some snuggles in the nursery, and big brother couldn't be happier!!!

Speaking of the nursery... it's beautiful!  Claudia has always had such great taste in decorating and decor, so it is a perfect space for their littlest guy!!  :)

Such a sweet little babe...

Family (of four!) hangouts in the living room!!

William seriously slept {like a baby} through most of his session!!

Still sleeping peacefully...

Such an excited big brother (and a happy family!)!!

And finally for some black & whites that just **might** be my favourites...

Thanks so much, Claudia, for inviting me to photograph your newbie!!  Let's make photography + hanging out happen again sometime, please?!?

Athena Marie