Adventurous Family Session

I first met the HH family when my own family (parents, sister, nephew) was up in Sioux Lookout for a visit.  We all sat together at a table for a church event and spent the time getting to know tiny pieces of each other's stories.  Fast forward more than a year, and this couple recently has added a sweet baby girl into their family, so naturally it's time for a family photo session!


This family braved cold and rainy June weather (if you look closely, you can actually see the falling rain in some of the images!!) for this session, which was held at the ever popular (and so beautiful) Cedar Bay, a place they frequent often.

What's not to love about this sweet, smiley, adventurous, and curious little boy?!?

This littlest one stayed bundled up and out of the rain/wind for a good bit of the session (and while her older bro played!), but we managed to get some sweet photos of her with each of her parents, and I'm just smitten over those big eyes and chubby cheeks - not to mention the adoring gazes of her parents!!  <3

Part of what I love about lifestyle photography is capturing emotion and fun.  For example, the images that come from an outdoor lifestyle session really show the love the family members have for each other through their captured interactions (versus standing still and posing for the camera, which shows absolutely no interaction, but only whether someone is photogenic enough to look good while smiling at a person hiding behind a small black box... haha!).  This is especially fun with active little kiddos and energetic parents, just like dad R & mama J.  I just loved getting to see (and photograph) all of the little man's dare-devilish "tricks" with his dad... and mama J is such a calm & collected mom, so she handles it incredibly well!!!

I love this one because their expressions are seriously so identical!


And of course we had to play by the lake a bit...

This little guy is seriously such fun!  My favourite part was when he learned to say my name (usually a pretty challenging feat for kiddos!).  :)  But also, he had just discovered his pant pockets.  ALL THE HEART EYES!!  <3 <3

I'm all about capturing the love between parents, as it's the foundation for raising a family.

Also, a fun fact about these two??  They met while living/working/studying in Tanzania (my own grandfather's birthplace!)!!!  They're both brilliant minds and have spent a lot of their adult lives (I'm imagining some of their youth, as well!) in some sort of service to others, improving the lives of those with whom they've come into contact and doing their part to make the world a healthier place.  They're both such incredible inspirations!

Gotta love all the adorableness (and windblown hair!!) that happens by the lakeshore when it's stormy...

One of my favourites, so I thought it deserved a space all for itself...


When your toddler totally photobombs the "couple" portion of your family session, you just roll with it... and get some stinkin' adorable photos!

I'm so grateful this couple has chosen to be in Sioux Lookout, as their energy and kindness is such an asset to the community!  I know I've personally been incredibly blessed by them, and I'm sure others have, as well.  Thank you so much, HH family, for allowing me to capture this moment in your lives!!


Athena Marie <3

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