Sweet Sage

Some friends of ours just had their first baby, and she is such a little doll, not to mention she has the sweetest name - Sage Eloise. She was born less than two weeks ago, but already she is loved by so many. And, since she’ll probably take after both her dad and mom, she’s bound to be the most musically talented and artistic little kiddo ever!

Introducing sweet, sweet Sage…


Sage with her doting parents, Zach & Olive.


If you know Olive personally, you know she has quite the eye for art and decor and making a space feel amazingly comfortable & cozy (effortless hygge!). Well, she definitely did so in baby Sage’s nursery - it’s the most perfect colour combinations and such a beautiful & serene environment for their little babe.

Olive is so good with newborn Sage, it’s as if she’s been a mother all her life <3

And father Zach is great with baby Sage, as well - he’s even perfected “the dad bounce” (when rocking the baby just doesn’t do the trick)!! :P Additionally, I am sure (I’m making assumptions based on the personal experience of him holding - and calming - our twins when they were really fussy babies) that he will be able to sweetly lull his daughter to sleep with either his singing or guitar playing.

Their pup Finley cuddled right up next to Sage. Either he’s super exhausted from having a newborn in the house OR he just loves her that much (I’m guessing probably a combination of both). <3

And then some black & whites of the happy little family of three (plus dog & cat, not pictured)…

A few more of mama Olive & Sage (also, their names!!!)…

Congratulations, Zach & Olive, on your sweet little babe. She’s blessed to have you both as her parents!


Athena Marie