Evan Yuanjie

Despite living like 1,500 miles from my sisters (and working a full-time job), I've been fortunate enough to meet ALL THREE of my nephews within the first 2 weeks of their lives!  Sweet little baby Evan is the third of those nephews to be born, and I was so happy that he arrived before I needed to return to Canada!!

Introducing... Evan Yuanjie!


I might be a bit of a biased aunt, but I think he's so sweet!

And it's evident that his big brother loves him already!!

Of course all big siblings want to hold their baby siblings.  I recall a photograph of me holding my baby sister, and she's screaming her head off.  Haha!  Fortunately for all of those present this day, Evan was completely comfortable in his brother's arms!!

Nicki is an amazing mother to her boys.  She's so flexible and seems to handle motherhood like a pro!

And now for some black & whites, because I just love B&W!

Of course, Chris does an amazing job at being a father, and he takes such good care of his boys and his wife!  He's so gentle and loving to all of them, and I've loved watching him just naturally fall into the role of father!!

Big brother Max wasn't too far away for all these photos and sneaked in (of his own volition)...

Taking these photos for Chris & Nicki reminded me of how far I've come as a photographer since photographing their firstborn, Max.  Obviously I want to keep learning and improving, but during this session (and when perusing the images), I felt I had a much better sense of the style I wanted with Evan's session.

Whew, this is a long one, but I am a chronic over-shooter (!!!) and honestly tend to take WAY more when it's for family!  Sooooo... we're almost through... stick with me!!

It's not very many sessions that have a grandma around, and this is the very first time I had TWO grandmas present, so we definitely made grandma photos happen!  Now I just have to make sure to send the grandmas these photos (sorry, Mama... you know I'm slow when it comes to photos!)!!  ;)

And now for the brand new happy family of four!

Thanks for following along as I introduced you to one of my newest little loves!!


If you're expecting a little one anytime soon and prefer a more "lifestyle" and homey feel to your images (versus a studio environment with perfectly posed photos of just your baby), please contact me to inquire about my services!  I have photographed newborns in several different states in the eastern USA (North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts), as well as in good old Ontario,Canada.  I'm willing to travel, because I'd love to be part of capturing moments like these for you and your growing family!!