Andie Kay

I met adorable little Andie Kay when she was 10 days old, and was she ever tiny!!  When we wrapped her up in a swaddle, it pretty much doubled her size... haha!  But she is such a sweetheart!  And, how awesome is this little lady's name?!?  It's fun and cute, and it fits her so perfectly already!!  It was a complete privilege to photograph her because I also had the opportunity to photograph her older brother almost exactly 2 years prior!

Enjoy some of my favourites from Andie's newborn session, which we treated sort-of like a lifestyle in-home session, simply with more of a focus on the littlest family member!

Introducing sweet little Andie Kay...

It was so helpful to already be familiar with the spaces and lighting in this family's beautiful home on the lake.  And, as I was photographing the family, I recalled some of my favourite photos from big brother's newborn session 2 years ago, so it was also fun to reminisce about several of them.  For example, I still remembered the "oh no, what have we done??" comment, which resulted in a super cute photo of the new parents during big brother's session (see the session blog post containing the photo I'm referencing HERE)!!  And we sort-of recreated it in our reminiscing (see the last photo of this small block of photos).

Has anyone noticed that I love black & white images?!?  Well, I just felt like these two NEEDED to be in B&W (but don't worry, all of my photography clients get every single B&W photo in colour, as well!)!!  Don't you just LOVE black & white??

I loved watching Andie's whole family interact and just be together as will be their new normal.  You know, the pup getting treats from the alpha male, big brother playing with one of his airplanes, and baby sister sleeping because she's being cuddled by mama.  AND, there may have been some puppy kisses!!

Big brother Max was so funny about holding his baby sister.  He wasn't really interested in it at first, but ended up agreeing.  The moments of sweetness lasted for a very brief time, and then he was signaling to mom that he was done... haha!  But fortunately we got a couple of cute photos of baby sister and big brother together!

During newborn sessions, as with my lifestyle family photography sessions, we typically end up using the parents' bedroom as one of the locations for photos, and I feel like I always love those photos the most!

And now for some in colour...

I also almost always capture some photos in baby's nursery (even though I don't think I've ever photographed a single baby who has actually spent a night in his/her nursery yet), and I'm loving the ones in Andie's nursery and with her mama (and a sweet one with curious big brother, too!)!!

I don't pose babies in unrealistic positions or put them inside things that babies don't typically go inside (just not my style anymore - definitely not knocking you mad talented photographers who can work your baby magic like that!), but I do always try to get a few close-ups of baby alone, and it's especially easy when baby is super sleepy.  Well, Andie decided to have a tiny rest on her family's cozy sheepskin, so these photos resulted.  I particularly love the one where Mosa, the pup, gets curious about baby!!  <3

Since I was checking out the cool tee pee in Max's room, I ended up taking a few photos of him, as well.  He's such a handsome little guy, eh??

If you know me personally, you know that I'm SUCH a dog lover and will take every opportunity to photograph a sweet pup!  This one was a bit challenging because Mosa is aging (she's 15 years old!) and cannot hear any longer.  But she's still so beautiful!

Just a few more of the family of four...

And one final image of the sweet little sleeping baby girl...

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