Weirs in Iceland

This past May, my littlest sister (who also happens to be one of my favourite adventure buddies) & I travelled to Iceland with our hubbies (and my littlest nephew, of course!).  We only had several days in Iceland all together, so we travelled the Golden Circle Road over three days and then spent a full day in Reykjavik.  Oh, and we rented a gigantic yellow manual transmission diesel Happy Camper.  It was awesome.

Anyway, my sis and her hubby just happened to be celebrating their 5 year anniversary just a month after our trip, and since I just happen to be a photographer, I made them participate in an anniversary session in beautiful Iceland.  I should also mention that, despite actually being sunny, it was still FREEZING cold & super windy, and that my sister was in a sleeveless dress and little ballet flats.  Beyond that, we all had been living in our yellow Happy Camper for three days by this point, so she changed into her outfit and got ready while parked alongside the road, using her cell phone to do her makeup (there were no mirrors inside the van - not even on the visors?!?).

Regardless, this was the best time we had for doing photos, and I'm so happy we were able to make it happen while travelling together in Iceland!

So let me officially introduce you guys to these two!

Mark is pretty much a genius and he already got his PhD, despite only being out of university for only like 6 years?  Beyond being smart, he's pretty hilarious and has a great laugh!  He's an incredible father to their little guy and takes good care of their pup, Callie.

Andrea is also very intelligent (both of my sisters are way smarter than me!), and she has a university degree in like everything education related, as well as in Spanish.  She is always up for an adventure (like I said, she's my travel buddy!), and she's pretty hardcore when it comes to sports, especially volleyball!  Oh, and we grew up playing violin together, even doing some wedding musician gigs, and then we both sang in the university's internationally travelling concert choir... so she's quite musically talented, as well!

Basically, they're both incredibly hard working and they love to love & serve people, doing so not only in their church setting, where they're both actively involved in leadership, but also just in all areas of their everyday life.

Seriously, these two really know how to laugh... it's so much fun shooting when people, like Mark & Andrea, are genuinely happy together!!

When I look at this next series of photos, I can't help but be reminded of Chantal Kreviazuk's song entitled "Feels Like Home".  Because really, look how comfortable these two are together and how in love they are!!!  <3

Oh, and we disturbed my little *almost* two year old nephew from throwing rocks into the highway drainage pipe with his uncle "Ma-dee" (Clement), getting him to show up for a couple of photos (haha, until he realized that throwing rocks was way better than being in photos!!).  These are my favourites with him pictured.

And just a few B&Ws because I always feel they capture emotion best and without distraction!  All the heart eyes for these two!!

Happy 5th anniversary, Mark & Andrea!!  So happy for you both and wishing you many more exciting and happy experiences in life!  Thanks for letting me capture some moments between the two of you!  Love you guys!  <3 <3 <3

Athena Marie

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