Bailey Nicole

So, an exciting thing happened!!!!  For those of you who don't know, I live really far away from my family and childhood friends.  Like, a 27 hour drive far.  So when my childhood friends experience momentous occasions (engagements, weddings, new babies, new houses), usually I'm not there to experience them.  That has just become a new normal for me (though still really, really tough - anybody else feel me?!?).

Well... THIS TIME, we were able to coordinate me travelling the whole way to North Carolina (8 hours of driving from my hometown, which is where I usually visit), so not only did I get to MEET sweet Bailey, but I also got to PHOTOGRAPH her and her brand new parents, as well!  It's seriously the BEST when things work out like this!!

P.S.  Special thanks to new mama Laura and proud father Isaac for hiring me, Laura's parents for hosting me, Laura's sister for letting us take some of the photos in her home, AND my parents for picking me up at the nearest airport and driving me back to my hometown afterwards!

And NOW... please meet darling little Bailey Nicole!!

Bailey's nursery is a beautiful shade of purple...

The late afternoon light in Bailey's nursery was perfect for some moody images.  I seriously had the hardest time picking my favourites to showcase from this portion of the session because I loved them all!

We borrowed some lovely natural light in Laura's sister's house...

Such an attentive little girl!

Love the next few photos of baby girl interacting with mama (and especially love them in b&w!)...

The next series of photos took place at my favourite part of their property... their huge backyard fig tree!!!  It seriously made such a beautiful backdrop for these afternoon photos!!

Congratulations, Isaac & Laura, on your beautiful baby girl!  Thank you for making it possible for me to meet her and photograph her!

Athena Marie