Andrew & Beth

Let me just start off by saying I LOVE LIFESTYLE SESSIONS!!!  Seriously, whether it's a couple, a couple and their furry friends, or a family with kids (and sometimes pets, too!), I just love capturing the reality of people interacting with each other in their own environment.  And honestly, if you don't hire a photographer to capture some real life moments for you, chances are that you either won't capturing those memories on camera OR that you'll capture those moments you want to remember, but won't be in them.

Beth asked me to photograph her family, which includes her young daughter, baby son, her hubby, her, and their family dog.  As with most lifestyle sessions, we essentially traveled through the different rooms in their beautifully renovated home, re-creating some of the special moments that happen in each space.  Join me as we have a glimpse into the life of Andrew & Beth's family.

We started off in the living room, where generally the whole family hangs out together, doing things like reading or making music.

Little girl was a bit timid in front of the camera, but you could tell she was doing things she loves (ex. reading books & making music).

Of course I had to capture some photos of Andrew interacting with his kids, who will probably grow up to be musical geniuses, just like him!

I just LOVED their living room space and probably got a little camera trigger happy capturing them just doing their thing in that location!!

During lifestyle sessions involving children, we definitely try to have some fun, so colouring was definitely a way to accomplish that!  Plus, it's something that big sister enjoys, so why not capture that memory?!?

The couple utilizes the beautifully styled guest room, which is across the hall from where the kids sleep, for their nighttime routine of family reading time.  Fun fact about Beth - before having kids, she used to own the most amazing little shop in Sioux Lookout (seriously, it was my favourite place!) that was full of beautifully curated Etsy finds and the best collection of best selling adult & children's books.  So it's not surprise that the guest room (and really their whole house) is beautifully designed, nor that they have a daily routine of reading with their children.

The kids were starting to fade, but we still opted to capture some photos in Andrew & Beth's newly renovated master bedroom.  I just loved the lighting in their entire home, but especially this room!

Finally, we took the photo session outdoors, as Beth indicated they really spend a lot of time in their green spaces, specifically in the garden in the summertime.  They picked and ate snap peas together, generally just enjoying being outside.

Finally, two more cute ones of the kiddos, because... why not?!?  :)

Thanks so much, Andrew & Beth, for inviting me to capture some of your family's story with my camera!!  I loved it so much and am grateful for the opportunity!  Hope you're so pleased with the images!

Athena Marie

P.S.  If you're interested in a similar session, don't hesitate to connect with me to schedule (!!  The beauty of lifestyle sessions is that they can happen any time of the year AND that they're pretty low-key since your family is simply doing what they normally do (ie. kids aren't being forced to "stand still and smile").  I'd love to capture the naturally beautiful reality of YOUR family's everyday moments!!