Tyler & Kelsey-Anne

These two contacted me just recently about an engagement session, and I'm so glad it worked out for us to adventure together!!

We had only one day that worked between our busy schedules (Tyler works an hour away from Sioux, Kelsey-Anne is busy wedding planning and moving, and I'm working way too much in my bunches of businesses!), it was threatening rain (and actually did thunderstorm), but we made it happen!  And I just LOVED that they trusted me enough to let me pick the location (a place in which I had wanted - for a long time - to photograph a couple in love!).

Tyler & Kelsey-Anne are such fun human beings, and the session with them consisted of lots of laughter, some literal wet feet, and very sweet moments shared.  Check out some of my favourites from their session at Ojibway Provincial Park in northwestern Ontario.

The session began in my favourite part of the park... and the scene was a little bit damp after an earlier rain shower.

I just loved the emotion evoked between these two!!  It's obvious that they love each other deeply and are super excited for their wedding in just a couple of weeks!

Just going for a little bush adventure together...

Lightening & thunder began as we were walking back to our vehicles, but we still stopped for a few photos en route!  Seriously, these two were the most fun to photograph!!!

We ended up waiting in our vehicles for maybe 5-10 minutes until the thunderstorm passed and the rain cleared enough to head out for some photos by the lake.  The sun was an absolutely GORGEOUS shade of bright pink, and it cast a lovely orangey-pink hue on the photos.

Enjoy how cute these two are - I love all the photos of them laughing together!!

Also, we might have chased some seagulls...


These two were the best models... they just stood and interacted with each other ever so sweetly while I got all artsy with some of their photos!  ;)

These last two photos are some of MY FAVOURITES!!  So sweet & adorable!  <3

Tyler & Kelsey-Anne, thank you sooooooo much for asking me to capture your engagement photographs!!!  I had such a great time working with you (and who knows, but maybe it can happen again, since you'll only be living like an hour away after you're married?!?).

All the best as you jump into the crazy awesome adventure that is marriage!!

Athena Marie

P.S.  For any of you who are recently engaged and looking for a engagement/wedding photographer, be sure to connect with me to book prior to the end of 2017 so you can lock in my 2017 prices!!  I'd love to capture some moments like this with you and your love!