If you don't know her, you probably should.  Reilly Scott is such a kind and loving soul, and she's a blast to spend time with.  Not to mention, she's a skilled rock climber (my kind of girl!), AND an incredibly talented musician.  She writes her own music, plays piano & guitar, and sings (alto - YEAH!).  In fact, she just produced her own album entitled Beautiful Unfolding (click the link & scroll down to listen to a preview!), and it is FANTASTIC!

So since Reilly is debuting her brand new CD, she asked me to help her out with some updated artist shots.  We met in Kenora and drove to this awesome little space for creatives, the Vilij Well in Sioux Narrows (click the link to follow them on FB!), which is where we did the session.  It is such a great location, and it felt like even just being there was inspiring in and of itself.

Here are some of my favourites from Reilly's artist session.


Reilly's main instrument is the piano, and she makes such beautiful music on it...

She's also quite a talented guitar player AND vocalist.  And I just LOVE her singer-songwriter style.  Not to mention, she plays a Martin guitar, and Martin is based out of my home state of Pennsylvania!!

The Vilij Well is just such a neat place.  All of the art behind Reilly was created in the space by local creatives.  And it's not only a space for artists, but also for musicians, for yoga, for anything that sets creative souls in motion!!  Such an incredible location (and perfect for Reilly's artist photos, as it's a place of deep meaning to her, as well!).

Did I mention it's right on the water??  This beautiful scene is just a few steps outside of the building.  And I seriously felt like I was receiving a personal outdoor concert by Reilly Scott.  It was just so perfect!!

Just a few more photos to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the location...

Definitely check it out if you're in the area!!

Thank you so much, Reilly, for the honour of taking artist photographs for you!!  I am so glad it worked out - and that we could spend a great evening together catching up on life and especially on our creative endeavours!!  You're such a talented lady, and I wish you all sorts of success with your musical endeavours especially!

Also, a huge shoutout to The Vilij Well for being a phenomenal location for our session, and such a neat place for creatives to meet and share their passions!

Thanks to everyone for checking out this post and my photography!!  I'd be thrilled to have you following along on social media - Athena Marie Photography on Instagram & Athena Marie Photography on Facebook.


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