Angeconeb Wedding

Matthew & Amanda met because of some mutual friends, and it sounds as though it was an instant connection they shared. Fast forward a few years and they started their life together, which included bringing their families, specifically including their children, together, DJ-ing weddings together, following the New England Patriots together (hehe!), etc. Then, on a very special Saturday this past September, they decided to tie the knot in the company of their closest family and friends, and to do so in their own backyard, right on the lake. It was such a beautiful location and a great time had by all!

I first met Matthew & Amanda at a wedding I photographed in Dryden last summer, as they were working together as the DJs (and they were quite good at that responsibility, I might add - great music and non-crazy lighting is just my style!)!! When Matthew reached out regarding my wedding photography services, I had a prior wedding commitment and didn’t think I’d be able to photograph their special day. However, due to plans changing regarding the other wedding, it just so happened I then was available to photograph the Angeconeb wedding. And I am so glad I did!! <3

Matthew & Amanda have been so great to get to know AND photograph, both for their engagement session, as well as their wedding day. Like seriously, not every couple is adamant about making sure their photographer gets to sit down and eat at the reception, but these two were so concerned about me making sure I had food and anything else I needed (and this was even before people knew I was pregnant!). And then THEY expressed so much gratitude to ME for photographing their day, when I really felt like I was the one who should be super grateful to them for allowing me a glimpse into their lives for such a special occasion. Anyway, they’re just such kind souls, and I loved being part of their day!!


Some of Amanda’s special details. I was obsessed with her dress - so gorgeous!! And the necklace was a gift from her groom on the morning of the wedding. Not only is it a beautiful necklace, but it also coordinated perfectly with her ring!

The ladies in this bridal party won the award of the most tidy bridal suite (which is a wedding photographer’s dream!)!! AND… they were so laid back and fun as preparing for Amanda’s big day, entertaining themselves with games as people got ready.

Amanda made such a stunning bride!!

I popped across the hallway to get a few shots of the guys getting ready…

When Matthew & Amanda told me their pup, Nala, was going to be part of their wedding, I was super excited!! I love when dogs are included, and their pup was so photogenic in photos (sorry if you see TONS of photos of her!!)! Also, I totally love Matthew’s reaction to seeing his bride!!

Their ceremony was short & sweet, but yet so meaningful. And look how stinkin’ happy they are together!!! I love seeing couples in love!

Making it official…

The recessional!! Also, their pup unexpectedly joined them as they walked out - super sweet!

These two cousins were the most animated and therefore became the subjects in front of my camera for more than just a couple of photos. LOOK HOW FUN THEY ARE! <3

I loved the idea of signing a picnic table as their guest book!! And Amanda’s dress had pockets. Also, another of Nala the pup!! :)

Amanda created this awesome flower wall as a backdrop for some photos, and so we used it for some shots with their families (not to mention soooooo many guests used it for a lovely picture of them with their family or date!)!! What a creative idea!

The couple kept their bridal party small, yet very dynamic. They were all so friendly and fun and just everything a photographer wants in a bridal party. Not to mention… umm, hello models?!?

The ladies…

The gents…

Some more of the bridal party hanging out down by the lake (again, still on Matthew & Amanda’s lakeshore property… so beautiful!)!!!

Champagne popping on the lake.

I always take some individuals of the bride & groom on their wedding day. Went a little camera happy with the bride, buuuuuuut how could you not?!? Her dress was so perfect on her, and I loved too many of her individuals to pick only one or two favourites!! :)

Probably my favourite part of the entire wedding day is capturing the love between the newlyweds. And of course making them cuddling a little bit in between adventures!!

The sun peeked out a tiny bit for some of these, and I’m still just so obsessed with how sweet Matthew & Amanda are with each other!

If you know me, you know I love black & white photos, so I had to throw a couple of black and whites featuring Matthew & Amanda into the mix…

ALSO!! Matthew & Amanda had a gigantic teepee in their backyard that they decorated perfectly with dainty florals (additionally I’m told they decorate it with lights during the holidays - so beautiful!). So naturally, we had to get more than just the ceremony photographs with this unique feature!

We went to some nearby bush to continue our photo escapades, and I’m in love with how these turned out!! And again… THAT DRESS!!!! And the way he looks at her! <3

A few more…

Yes, I will make you frolic on your wedding day. You have been forewarned. :)

There aren’t many reception venues in Sioux Lookout (okay, so realistically you typically can select between the Royal Canadian Legion with zero windows or a large white rented event tent set up on a piece of property to which you’re privy), but this couple arranged to have their reception at a lovely local restaurant that is just recently renovated and back in business following a fire a couple years back. I love the rustic vibe of the restaurant, but also think Amanda (and her family/friends) did an awesome job with some lovely decor and table settings!

The flower wall made an appearance at the reception venue, as well!

I usually try to capture photos of guests hanging out, eating, etc., so here are some of the wedding attendees!!!

Games!! The shoe game, and a “see if you can recognize your spouse’s hands out of a group of hands. All created some good laughs! There were also some good moments created out of the garter and bouquet toss.

And dancing!!!!

Cheers to this lovely and kind and beautiful couple!! I thoroughly enjoyed my day spent with you, and wish you all the best as you continue your lives together as husband & wife.

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Athena Marie