Krahn Family Session

This family session started off very uniquely, with the family’s father actually using his pick-up truck to help to tow an out-of-town lady’s vehicle (without winter tires) up the steep & quite icy drive at the photo location we were using. It was quite the additional adventure, but fortunately no vehicles were harmed (or ended up in the ditch!), and it seemed as if the woman was able to continue on her way. PLUS… photo session clothing remained unscathed and we still had sufficient daylight to accomplish the full hourlong session! I’d consider that a win!! :)

Anyway, meet the Krahn family!! Carter is the pastor of the Baptist church in town, and his wife, Leanne, is the church secretary. They have three fun kids who had different interests from wanting to be in pictures (because of wearing a favourite shirt, I think?!?) to preferring tree climbing over family photos. It was great getting to know them better during our little adventure session AND, as an expectant mama, being able to watch them parent (because in my opinion, they’re incredible at it!)!!!

Updating some headshots for the parents…

And then I grabbed some kiddo portraits, as well (in lieu of boring school photos, which always felt very forced to me when I was growing up… AAAAANNNNNDDDD, as a matter of fact, even when I had my photo taken as a school staff member just this past fall… ahem!)!!

Okay, so usually it’s the kids who steal the show, buuuuuuut in this case it was definitely the parents!! They were so sweet together, and I just couldn’t help but make them the subjects of many photos. PSA TO ALL PARENTS OUT THERE: DON’T NEGLECT TO GET PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN OF THE TWO OF YOU BECAUSE YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS SO INCREDIBLY VITAL TO YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!!!! Alrighty… I’m done and off my little soapbox now! :)

Girls vs. boys!!

Soooooooo… sometimes I bribe kids with getting to take some photos of their own (this literally starts at maybe 2 years old and continues at least until the teenage years!), and sometimes they get some really fun/funny shots! Can’t remember which kids took these, but I definitely thought they were worth posting!! Great job, Krahn kids!!!!!!

When you tell the kids to do their best “I’m going on an adventure!” reenactment…

And more of these two lovebirds. Can’t stop, won’t stop. I delivered these in colour, as well, but there’s just something about black & white that I feel really draws out the emotions so much more than a distracting colour image!

Of course, we have to have some fun during photo sessions, especially when the kiddos are a bit older. They nailed their responsibilities in this one!!

Thanks so much, Krahns, for this great afternoon and a chance to hang out with your fun family!! Hope you love your photographs! <3

Athena Marie