I don't have an opportunity to take senior photos very often because, let's face it, that's an American thing (and I live in Canada now)!!  <3  But, fortunately for me, Sioux Lookout is a place that is frequented by lots of Americans (particularly from neighbouring Minnesota and Wisconsin), often for its hundreds of lakes and good fishing opportunities.  And fishing is a sport that's enjoyed by people of all ages, including upcoming high school senior Ella from Minnesota!

Ella's session started off with a bang because I was chauffeured by boat to an island, which is where the session took place (and also where her family has been spending a week of every summer for fishing).  It was the absolute perfect place for a session!!

For those of you who don't know... I.  Love.  Dogs.  So obviously when Ella's dad mentioned maybe having some photos with their family dog, Stella, I was so happy!  Stella is a 3 ish year old (if I remember correctly) lab and wirehair pointer mix (again, if I remember correctly!!), and she was such a sweetheart for photos!

The lighting among the trees was absolutely perfect.  Ella put up with my "wait, let's get a photo here, too" shenanigans quite well... hehe!

We went out to the dock for some photos, and the pup joined in for some!

I think I'm becoming obsessed with water in the backgrounds of photos (kinda ever since Reilly Scott's artist photos last fall!).  I suppose it's good that I live in (and photograph around) Sioux Lookout, then - water everywhere!!

This was another spot where I was like "WE HAVE TO GET PHOTOS HERE!" and Ella, in her easygoing and "up for anything" nature, agreed wholeheartedly (and then was probably almost as excited as I was about how they looked in camera!)!!!

I really liked this old cabin, which apparently is a dock hand's housing, so we used it in some photos (thanks, dock hand, whoever you are!).  My favourite was the bright red front door to the cabin.  Simply the cutest.

Ella wanted some photos on the porch at the brand new lodge for the camp on the island, so we took some there, on the second story balcony, overlooking the lake.  In case you were wondering, the new lodge is gorgeous, by the way, and there's a gigantic dining table - maybe like 15 feet long - that will be so perfect for big meals when it's completed!

Even though I'm not into fishing (umm, is a vegetarian that fishes even a thing that exists?!?), the island location was so beautiful!  If you're interested in fishing (even ice fishing in the wintertime!) or hunting (for moose, bear, & even wolves!), you should definitely check out Winoga Lodge (click on the link to be directed to their website!).  Decided to get a fun photo - Vanna White style (do people Ella's age actually know who Vanna White is?!?) - with the sign on the new lodge!


A few more of my favs!  Some are super similar because I honestly could not pick which ones I liked best.  Sooooo... you get to see them all!  <3

So I feel the need to do a HUGE shoutout to Ella for the next few photos!!  Not only was she willing to step in the chilly water for some photos (keep in mind, the entire lake was still completely frozen just one month ago!), but she also agreed to get some splashing photos in the lake, as well!  WHAAA???  She's so awesome!!!  And I think it's safe to assume that this was her little brother's favourite part of Ella's session, as he was the one that got to splash her - haha!!  :)

The aftermath...


Here's to a happy, healthy, and successful future, Ella!!  And kudos to you for *hopefully* having the most unique senior photos out of everyone in your school (there aren't really farms or cities up here, so Sioux Lookout was a great location choice for having one-of-a-kind images... haha!).

Thanks so much for being such a blast to photograph!

Athena Marie

P.S.  If you're a Canadian student who is going into grade 12 in the upcoming school year, I'm totally cool with starting the whole "senior pictures" trend in Sioux Lookout, soooooo let's talk!!  Head to the "About" tab and click on "Say Hello" to inquire about the experience!