While travelling last month, I had the opportunity to meet up with a good friend, Theresa, who moved from Sioux Lookout a little less than a year ago.  Not only did she show me around the most adorable and awesome little town in which she now lives, but she, her hubby, and their daughter K (plus their two cats) hosted me and my hubby (and our big pup) for a night.  The dog-cat thing sort-of worked (umm... my dog is obsessed with trying to chase and maybe eat cats, soooooo???), but overall it was so nice to catch up again (and no cats were harmed during the overnight)!  ALSO!!  We planned for long overdue family photos (their last photos with me were when K was a newborn!), and it was such a fun (and ridiculously humid) backyard session!!  I loved capturing K's awesome little person personality in photos!

Even though little miss K stole the show, we did get a few photographs of the whole Huemiller fam jam together!

Okay, so K wasn't the only one to steal the show... her gorgeous mama, Theresa, gave her a run for her money!!  ;)  And I just love that we took some photos in their neighbourhood, too!

Umm... can we talk about that amazing ginger hair?!?  All.  The.  Heart.  Eyes.

One more set of photos with mama, and then we'll give dad his chance to shine...

K's dad can be quite the jokester and these two already have the cutest little daddy/daughter relationship, full of laughter and tons of fun!!

K took a little stroll down the street...

Of course, no good photo session is without its bloopers, and there tend to be more bloopers with kiddos & pups, plus kiddie swimming pools!  K was super chill around our pup, Miss Mocha Marie, and their blossoming friendship (maybe??) made for some cute/funny photos!

And this next set is pseudo bloopers??  Not really super funny, but showing off some of K's awesome little toddler personality (and maybe a touch of sass?!?)!!!!!!

This is my "little lady" series...

Such a sweet, sweet family - I really hope I have the privilege of photographing them again (despite the crazy physical distance between us now!)!!  Thanks so much, friends!


My schedule is booked full for September, and I'm now scheduling for October, soooooooo reach out in the "About" tab if you're interested in a session like this of your own!!  I'd love to capture some beautiful little memories for you!

Athena Marie